martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

International Indigenous Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB)
COP 11- Hyderabad, India
Agenda item 8- Island Biodiversity

Thank you Madame Chair for this opportunity to address this meeting regarding Island 
Biodiversity.  This statement is being made on behalf of the International Indigenous 
Forum on Biodiversity (IIFB).

Indigenous peoples have a vital role in the conservation and sustainable use  of 
biological diversity, and in regards to maintaining Indigenous Peoples’ traditional 
knowledge, cultures and languages, which we pass on from generation to generation. 
The loss of island biodiversity causes grave social, political, economic, cultural, spiritual, 
environmental, and health problems for Indigenous Peoples. In particular, indigenous 
women have an important role in the transmission of knowledge from the past to future 
generations. This link ensures the strengthening of our cultural values and  our 
cosmovisions. These values support the empowerment of governance mechanisms, 
sustainable trade and economic systems. 

Before there were States, we were peoples, we were island communities.  We, 
indigenous peoples live as one with our land and our biodiversity as our traditions teach 
us.  The full and effective participation of Indigenous Peoples is critical in any work 
programme so that we are active participants and decision-makers at every stage 
regarding the vital issues of island biodiversity conservation.

The IIFB fully supports the draft decisions regarding the need to “fully engage relevant 
sectors of government and society, in particular indigenous peoples and local 
communities and ngos, for implementing and mainstreaming the programme of work”, 
and Noting that additional efforts and support are needed in order to fully engage relevant 
sectors of government and society, in particular indigenous and local communities and 
non- governmental organizations, for implementing and mainstreaming the programme 
of work on island biodiversity across all these sectors with a view to achieving the Aichi 
Biodiversity Targets of the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020,

the “respect for our traditional and cultural knowledge, skills and management 
measures to help island populations use and manage their environment and resources”,
Respecting the traditional/cultural knowledge, skills and management measures that 
have helped island populations use and manage their environment and resources over 
many centuries, and, in that context, recognizing that the Nagoya Protocol on Access to 
Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from Their 
Utilization provides an important instrument to ensure that islands benefit from the use 
of their genetic resources,nd the “need for increased international and national support for islands to implement the programme of work”.

Reiterating the need for increased international and national support for islands, in 
particular small island developing States, to implement the programme of work and 
strengthen local capacity by providing new and additional financial resources, in 
accordance with Article 20 of the Convention, and incentives,
The IIFB would like to recommend the following additions to the current draft 
recommendationsDraft Recommendation 1. Urges Parties, and invites other Governments, financial 
institutions and other relevant organizations to strengthen the implementation of the 
programme of work on island biodiversity and to build on successful island approaches 
(b) Adapting and expanding proven, cost-effective mechanisms to strengthen local 
capacity and to include indigenous and local communities, particularly peer-learning 
networks, learning exchanges,  including indigenous to indigenous learning 
exchanges across regions, transfer of technologies, sharing of lessons learned and 
best practices, communication and information exchange tools, targeted technical 
assistance, formal training and education;

(e) Providing direct support for initiatives of indigenous peoples and local 
communities that are relevant to the implementation of the programme of work 
relating to the traditional knowledge, skills and management that continue to help 
island communities use and manage their environment and resources. 

8. Also requests the Executive Secretary, subject to the availability of funding, to enable 
regional and global technical support networks to help the ongoing review, updating and 
implementation of national biodiversity strategies and action plans  in small island 
developing States and least developed countries with islands,  with the full and 
effective participation of indigenous and local communities, in particular for 
developing national targets and for mainstreaming national biodiversity strategies and 
action plans into broader national plans, programmes and policies to implement the 
Strategic Plan for Biodiversity 2011-2020.

Thank you Madame Chair

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